New Products

New Products

Here you can check our new products of the year.


*Rapture catalog 2020 pag.197*

Avior is a multifaceted problem solver, the ideal choice for the eclectic angler, who loves to face different aquatic environments and fish species with appropriate techniques, each time he does a fishing trip. The large wild Brown Trout of the rivers or the Bass of the weedy pits; the Pike of the backwaters or the Perch of the country canals. From the bank, from the boat or kayak, each technical variation of spinning finds the professional answer within the Avior range. In common, these rods have a split handle made from natural cork, with EVA butt grip having an hybrid cork at lower end: a mix of classic and modern which grants a perfect control of all operations. Regarding blanks, the need to diversify the actions prompted the Rapture team to adopt SX4 nano-carbon, which allows the response to stress to be modulated milli metrically; CXC technology definitely deletes torsion, increasing distance and casting accuracy.


*Rapture catalog 2020 pag.98*

A truly special series: the first Native ever to be proposed with two treble hooks and two single barbless hooks, because today they are obligatory in many waters. Beyond the laws in force, the true sportsman knows that the taste of capture ends when the Trout appears afloat and it’s possible to appreciate its beauty. Touching it is a real crime; with barbless hooks, freeing it is very easy, and the absence of wounds adds nobleness to our fishing action.


*Rapture catalog 2020 pag.184*

Specific spoon for bottom contact fishing, perfect for undermining apathetic trout with Bottom and Vertical fishing techniques. The single barbless hook is mounted on a ring who always makes it work with the point facing upwards, to avoid getting snagged on the bottom. When the retrieve is deliberately interrupted, the Ryzer glides gently, undulating towards the bottom: if the Trout does not attack it in that phase, it does so during the next call that is made with the tip of the rod. The colour palette is interesting, as it includes three Cluster solutions and as many UV to attract Trout even in case of poor underwater visibility.


*Trabucco catalog 2020 pag.347*

Calibrated lead balls painted in matt black so as not to disturb the fish and cut to accommodate a silicone tube that protects the line way through and facilitates their movement even when they are locked. The ease of opening and closing the cut makes it possible to replace the sphere with another one having different weight, depending on the evolution of the fishing conditions, without having to break the main line. Originally developed for the rig’s shutting of sliding wagglers or pole lollipops, they are also useful in dead baiting, vertical spinning, river trout bottom fishing. In case of need, you can use multiple balls on the line at the same time, leaving them connected by a single tube’s segment, a solution that prevents them from rotating around the line’s axis. The weight is embossed on each sphere for easy reading, while the package contains a quantity of pieces that decreases as the size grows.


*Trabucco catalog 2020 pag.147*

• Extra tough body and rotor
• 6 Precise Double-Shielded Stainless-Steel Ball Bearings
• Stainless-Steel One-Way Clutch Instant Anti-Reverse Bearing
• Stainless Steel Main Shaft & Main Gear Shaft
• Power Drive Handle directly operating on Drive Gear
• Micro-Adjusting Front Drag with Stainless Steel And Carbon Textile Drag Washers
• Fully sealed Drag (100% Water & Dust Proof)
• CNC machine cut handle, directly working on drive gear
• V-shaped aluminium spool with oversized design
• Large diameter aluminium Powerbail
• Anti-twist Titanium line roller